Mobile Learning


Uses in Education

  • Portable internet browsing
  • eBook Reader. Using apps such as Kindle, iBooks, and GoodReader, users can view and annotate over PDF files, ePub format, .doc, and more
    • Programs such as Pages can be used to make ePub books.
    • To embed audio or video in your ePub file, visit
    • Download free PDF books from bookboon (textbooks & travel books)
    • There are wonderful interactive storybooks available (many are not free)
  • Accommodate visual special needs - zoom text to very large size, screen reader. Also support for wireless Braille display
  • Listening/Viewing - download podcasts, videos, presentations. Great for "Flipped classroom"
  • To create screencasts that can be viewed on iOS devices, try recording your computer using Camtasia (Mac or PC), Jing, or Apple Quicktime's screen recorder.
  • Use the camera or video camera feature.
    • Take photo of art projects and email to others, post on Artsonia
    • Photograph ideas, take screenshots, save photos for later use.
  • Organizational - many apps for task management, calendars, classroom organization, assignments due. Save documents, sync and share through Dropbox
  • Use IdeaSketchor other apps to create mind maps to aid in revision or revising projects
    • You can convert PDF, docs, and other files to the ePub format using tools such as 2ePub
  • Note Taking - Many apps for typing, handwriting, and audio recording of notes and lectures. Evernote, SmartNote
    • Students can create a note and share it with teacher for feedback. Can also record ideas or instructions for later usel
  • Communication/Collaboration - Apps (or web sites) for Twitter, Skype, Edmodo, Google Reader (or Feedly, Reedr)
    • Save image drawn through simple paint program and upload to Posterous -connected blog as a simple portfolio, even for preliterate students
    • Use StripDesigner or other apps to create simple comic strips and share ideas
  • Creativity - make music, paint images (i.e. Brushes app), create videos (i.e. Garageband)
  • Create and/or do presentations (i.e. Keynote)
  • News - Aggregate news from various sites through Flipbook, News 360
  • Create screencasts to demonstrate processes, demonstrate understanding, annotate over images. Here are three screencasting tools for the iPad:
Seven Reason you Need iPads in the Classroom and How you Would Use them
More ideas: visit 70 Interesting W70_ipad_ideas.jpgays to Use an iPad in the Classroom presentation


Using iPad with SmartBoard

Method A: Use the iPad to remotely control the computer that is connected to the SmartBoard
- Install an app such as Splashtop Remote Desktop or Doceri Remote on your iPad and source computer. Mobile Mouse app can also be used.
- You can then move about the room, controlling the SmartBoard from anywhere in the room, manipulating the SmartBoard software and rest of the computer.

Method B: Via VGA Connector
- Attach the Apple VGA adapter for iPads to your computer, and connect the VGA cable going to the SmartBoard to the adapter. After powering up the SmartBoard projector, you will then see the iPad screen on the SmartBoard surface.

- Handout on getting started using the iPads in the classroom.
- How to create an eBook using common tools and transfer it to your eBook reader. Handout by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano
Use Moglue software to create e-books for Android and iOS devices
iPad Apps and Activities - handout by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano
iPad Activities- Globally Connected Learning Consulting
Melissa Enderle Livebinders -


Try using the search engine Quixey to find new apps, based on function.
When working on selecting apps for the classroom, check out this evaluation guide, written by Silvia Tosliano.



ShowMe - Free screencasting demonstration app utilizing multiple colored "markers" and a recording tool. Can insert images, save and share completed project.

ShowMe iPad App from San Kim on Vimeo.

ScreenChomp - Free screencasting app by the makers of Jing and Snagit. Finished video automatically uploaded to website. Can share via link, email, or tweet.
ExplainEverything - $2.99 screencasting tool with ability to include arrows and other annotative tools, type text (above two only do handwritten text) export to Dropbox or Evernote.


FlashCards- free studying application that has searchable Quizlet study material for any class or standardized test.Or, can create your own.
StudyBlue - create flash cards incorporating text, audio and images. Keeps track of mastery. Includes free teacher option of sharing created flash cards w/ students.


Book Creator ($6.99) - Simple, intuitive tool to create books, save in ePub format, and publish in iTunes, and even submit to iBookstore. For picture books, art books, manuals, textbooks, etc.


OSnap! - iPad app for creating stop motion and time lapse videos, utilizing the device's camera. Great for claymation. Free trial app or $2.99 for full version.
LapseIt - free iOS and Android app for creating stop motion animation videos. Includes filters, ability to add audio from device library. $1.99 for pro version.
AnimationDesk - Free (or paid) iPad app for creating video animations. Paint with finger, select from brush & color options, backgrounds. Can export finished animation to YouTube.
WordFoto - Transform an image (including student artwork) with an overlay of selected words. Choose from defined style sets or customize your own, including desired fonts. $1.99 iPad app.
Face on Stamp Booth - Place your (or selected artist, biography study) face on a stamp. Free iPad app.
ABCYa Animate for iPad - ($1.99) iPad app - create animations by drawing, typing, and inserting images.
iMotion HD - Free iOS app for creating stop motion animation or time lapse movies. Edit your 720p movie and save to device or export to YouTube.

Social Studies

360 City - Free iPad app based on the website offering high-quality panoramic "tours" of cities and places around the world, and even from Mars.

Note Taking

Evernote - Free app for iPad/iPhone/touch that allows you to take notes, record audio, insert images, gather notes from internet, etc. Synchronizes with the free applications available for Mac, PC.
Use on conjunction with the free Evernote Peek (for flash cards)
Penultimate - Free app for iPad that allows you to write handwritten notes on the iPad. Take notes, annotate diagram and search within notes. Share note w/ others. Syncs w/ Evernote.

Quick Voice Recorder - Free voice recorder - for lectures, meetings, dictation, brainstorming. For iPad/iPhone/touch.
Radial - ($.99) Innovative custom keyboard app utilizing only your thumbs. Includes autocorrect, copying text to other programs, integrated mail, task helper.


Skype - Free app for iPad/iPhone/touch that enables devices with microphones and cameras to Skype with other users or use Skype Out to call phones (fee, but smaller than a regular call).

Cloud Storage

DropBox - Free app (also on Macs/PC) that allows you to save and open documents (images, video, docs), with synchronized access on your computer. Much more convenient and user-friendly than using iTunes for file management. 2GB initial free storage.
  • Easily access documents, regardless of what computer/device you are on (web access, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Mac/PC)
  • Getting Started Intro from Dropbox
  • Includes an easy Public and Photos folder, where you can put items and have anyone with the generated link have access to its contents
  • Great way of sharing large files with others (vs. trying to email) - especially large images or video clips
    • If you want to share entire folders with people, they will also need to have/create a Dropbox
    • Could create public folders for each class and place documents there for student access.
    • If students also have a Dropbox account, they could send the link for the document or folder to the teacher who could then see (and even make editing/annotation marks on) the documents, which would then be visible to the student when viewing the document.
    • For more on sharing, visit Drobox's help page on sharing and BrightHub (for teacher perspective and ideas)

  • Dropbox in the Classroom - Intro to Dropbox, its functions, use in the classroom, lesson plans incorporating Dropbox
  • Tech the Plunge - Collection of blog posts, resources on using Dropbox, written by a teacher
Tools working with Dropbox
  • DropitToMe - An easy way for others to send stuff directly to a folder in your Dropbox. Secure and private.
  • VideoDropper - Send and download YouTube videos directly to your Dropbox account folder.

Google Drive

A recent introduction by Google, this service makes it easy to store, back up, and share files you've already created or uploaded to GoogleDocs. Utilizing the mounted folder created in your Home folder, files can be added via drag&drop or by the normal File >Save option. All content in the Google Drive is synchronized and made available online via your Google Account. A free basic account starts with 5 GB storage.

Google Drive and Docs for Teachers - Handout written by Richard Byrne


Printopia $20 utility for iOS devices to print to printers found in Print & Fax system pane and AirPort attached printer. Can also send & open files to Mac via Dropbox.
AirPrint Navigator - (payment requested). Share via OSX's Printer Sharing feature.
FingerPrint - Similar in features to Printopia, but for Windows.


Gradekeeper - Free grade app for iPad.


Apps in Learning Blog - Recommend educational apps for different purposes, tips & tricks, general use of iPads in education