Ideas for Interactive Math Lessons- Slideshare of ideas on using technology in math and collection of interactive math websites
Cool Tools: Math Tools - Collection of online math resources

  • Instead of assigning math problems to work on at home and correct the next day, try a site like Twiddla and have students work collaboratively on the problems.
  • Do a "photo hunt" around the school and take pictures of anything that represents that math concept (i.e. parallel lines, oblique angles, selected shape). Upload photos into your movie program or PhotoStory, add captions/titles and audio. Upload to video sharing site such as **Vimeo**.
  • Utilize the many virtual math manipulatives, such as those with Everyday Math,
  • Introduce a math "Problem" by using GoAnimate - example

For HS & MS math teachers, check out the free Microsoft Mathematica. The current version includes ink handwriting support and a full-featured graphic calculator. Helps students learn to solve equations step by step while providing an overview of fundamental STEM concepts.