Kidspiration 3

Kidspiration is an excellent productivity tool for PK-5 students. Browse through the many included activities in science, math, language arts, and social studies; customize an "already-made" one or create and save your own activity for students. Create concept/word/mind maps, sort and compare items, brainstorm ideas, and more. The new Math Tools section includes manipulative pattern blocks, base 10 blocks, fraction tiles, and more. Kidspiration includes a talking interface which is especially beneficial for ESL, young kids, and those with special needs.

Kidspiration templates search tool - Use this custom search tool to locate Kidspiration templates on your topic area from all over the web.

Kidspiration Videos and How-to's - Collection of videos, how to's, and archived webcasts on Kidspiration.

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Webinar on using the Math Tools

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