Technology Integration - General

Ideas to Inspire - Website includes ideas & resources linked to specific curricular areas, ways you can use particular tools in the classroom, and collaborative presentations on a variety of topics
Teachers Connecting - A place for K-12 teachers to find other teachers for cross-classroom collaboration.


  • Begin with the end in mind. Ask: What is it that I want my students to learn and how will they show it?
    • Try to plan student outcomes that require higher-level thinking skills, on Bloom's Taxonomy - create, evaluate, and analyze.
      • i.e. Instead of doing a PowerPoint on the names of simple machines, create a Glog including a video in which the student has found & is demonstrating a simple machine. Or design a machine to perform a real-world task using Lego Robotics
  • Formulate an open-ended question that is authentic, multi-disciplinary, and pertains to real-world situations.
    • Invites inquiry, finding answers and solving real world problems, analysis, synthesis i.e. create video or web site promoting responsible use of a natural resource
  • Don't forget to plan assessments (formative and summative) early. Share rubrics with students near the beginning of the project's introduction.
  • Design projects that encourage and require collaboration - the sharing, critiquing of ideas, contributions by students with differing perspectives. i.e. Wiki, Skype (including Skype in the Classroom), email (including ePals), Blogs.
  • Once students have familiarized with a variety of tools, let them select the tool they feel will produce the most effective product - also helps build off of their preferred learning styles

Curriculum21- Professional Development with Heidi Hayes Jacobs from langwitches on Vimeo.

Curriculum21 - Skype interview with author of the book Curriculum21

Twelve Essentials for Technology Integration

Twelve Essentials for Technology Integration -

Changing the Paradigm - reaching today's learners
What new things are you trying this year? Teachers share their goals, integrative ideas, and tools.
The File Cabinet - Comprehensive collection of web links categorized by subject area. Includes Web 2.0 teacher tools
Cutting Edge Technology - Resources to build your PLN and general web 2.0 educational sites
Sue Waters- PLN Yourself - PLN building resources and how to get started. Blogging (and commenting), Twitter, Nings, and social bookmarking
My Web Wardrobe - Collection of web 2.0 tools used by a teacher, organized by task.
Anchor Technology in your Teaching - List of tools with descriptions on their use in education.

  • Instead of working on end of chapter questions alone at home, set up a back channel chat such as TitanPad , designate a certain time in the evening for all to get on, and discuss the questions. Wallwisher is another tool that can be used for brainstorming and gathering feedback.
  • Rather than making a poster about a person/book/event, create a multimedia online poster using Glogster EDU
Bloom's Taxonomy using Web 2.0 tools
Bloom's Taxonomy using Web 2.0 tools

Help "boost"your tech integration and student learning to the next level: Classroom Tech Food Chain Prezi which incorporates ideas from Dr. Bernajean Porter's Tech & Learning spectrum and Bloom's (revised) Taxonomy, along with some Web 2.0 tools that would help support those attributes.

- short handout on things parents, students, and teachers can do to help promote a positive online experience for elementary-age children. Includes helpful website resources such as Commonsense Media.

21st Century Learning Skills

21st Century Upgrade - by Silvia Tosliano