Melissa Enderle's Technology in Education Wiki

Subject Areas

Integration - General
Language Arts
Early Childhood
ESL & Languages
Special Needs


Adobe Acrobat Professional
Clicker 5 - talking word processing program, word/picture tool for ESL, special needs, primary students
Hyperstudio - Non-linear multimedia creativity tool
Kidspiration - Mind-mapping, ideas diagramming, math manipulatives
Inspiration - Graphic organizer and outliner for grades 6-adult
Microsoft Office - Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel
Google Docs - free collaborative online office suite including spreadsheet, word processing, presentation, and forms
Google Earth
Evernote - Free organizational productivity repository app for Mac/PC and mobile devices
Other Elementary Software - Timeliner, The Graph Club

Tools & Techniques
Audio (including Audacity)
Video: Finding and sharing videos
Movie Making: General tips and features Movie Maker, PhotoStory, Animoto, and some online tools
SmartBoard: General tips & tutorials, Notebook software, resources, ideas
Projectors and Document Cameras
Images & Photography
Technology in Education
Digital Storytelling
Global Collaboration - Opportunities to collaborate with schools around the world
Interactive Websites: Lots of great internet resources here!
Internet Searching - Tips, tools, and resources for achieving more focused, kid-friendly internet search results
Teacher Tools
Polling and Survey Tools - Incorporating polling and survey tools (including via mobile devices) to garner feedback
Social Bookmarking Tools - Collect your bookmarks online and share with others
PLN - Connect with other teachers to share ideas and build your Professional Learning Network
Rubrics - Links to rubrics for varied subjects & software/tools, creation of rubrics, etc.
Mobile Learning - Use of mobile devices (including iPads, iPhones, smartphones, etc.) and their role in education

Web 2.0

Blogging - Integrative ideas for blogs in education, tutorials, examples
Glogster - Create your own interactive multimedia poster. Includes ideas, tutorials, examples
VoiceThread - Share a multimedia conversation through images, audio, text, and markups. Includes ideas, tutorials, examples
Presentation Software - Online presentation tools such as Prezi

Skype - Free computer -to-computer calls, including chat and videoconferencing options. Includes ideas in education
Wordle- Words as informative design. Includes ideas in education, examples
Wikis- Collaborative website tool that can be edited by many people - for sharing ideas, organizing documents, posting writing, homework assignments, etc.
Edmodo - Social Networking tool designed for education