Clicker 5

Clicker 5 is an excellent software that facilitates the writing process for younger students and those with disabilities. Create word banks for specific topics, pair words with icons, and use its powerful text speaking features.
Writing sentences with Clicker

Introduction to Clicker 5:

  • Orientation to tools and main areas
  • Creating your own grid
  • Examples of different types of setups and activities

Customizing Clicker's Settings - How to change the voice & speed, choosing a different pop-up word bank (i.e. grade level Dolch words), on-screen keyboard layout, and spell-checking preferences
Quick hints & tips on Clicker 5
Creating home grid and tips

Introduction from Crick Software:
Video introducing Clicker, use with ESL, writing with Clicker (including speaking text), creating talking books and multimedia projects, editing grids

Clicker in the Classroom - ideas & applications (from Crick Software) - Examples of different Clicker formats and templates assisting writing
Clicker 5 training resources- Website containing links to handouts and videos on how to create different types of Clicker activities, program tutorials & demos
Clicker 5 Workshops - Training videos & handouts, links to useful resources for graphics, sounds, and animations that can be used with Clicker.
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Kent NGFL Clicker Training - Help sheets, tutorials and resources
Clickerpedia - Helpful tutorials and tips
Montgomery Schools Clicker 5 - Printable handouts, video tutorials, other resources
Using Clicker 5

Making Multiple-page Grid Sets and Story Books

- Includes those using pop-up picture and word banks options. - New!

Clicker Graphics library catalog
Clicker Resources
Learning Grids - Search for and download already-created grid activities in all subject areas