VoiceThread is a collaborative web 2.0 tool in which users can post an image, from which a conversation can begin. Record your voice, annotate with drawing tools, type in text, or even add your comments via the phone.


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Language Arts
  • Book review- can also just focus on the illustrations
    • Individual student or whole class. Include scanned illustrations or student-generated.
  • Record responses to poems and other literature
  • Recite poems
  • Use as a writing prompt - example
  • Tell or recreate a story - example

Social Studies
  • Discussion on an advertisement (student-made or professional) on whether it is persuasive and rationale.
  • Take a photo of your house, friends, neighborhood, or a special person and describe them
  • Biography - What else do you know about Anne Frank example

  • Illustrate and explain the steps (i.e. life cycle of a plant, chick, experiment) - experiment example

  • Critique an art image (peer review or famous piece)
  • Discuss an art image, using the zoom and annotation tools to complement statement and ideas

Foreign Language, ESL
  • Share common phrases in dozens of languages http://herricks.org/webpages/spcollaborative
  • Add a YouTube or other video and have foreign language students comment/discuss (written and/or oral) in the target language
  • Take a photo of your house, friends, neighborhood, or a special person and describe them
  • Second grade Spanish example

  • For goal-setting and reflection, what a student looks forward to learning/accomplishing in your class. Repeat later in the
  • Add a video clip, view and discuss
  • At the beginning of the school year, share a short digital album to introduce yourself. Invite students to respond to your prompts. Add photos of students and have them to add comments about themselves and classmates
  • Create and end-of-year reflective VoiceThread (individual or class)
  • Upload a reflective photo from a field trip, unit, etc. and have students comment on what they learned, liked best, etc.
  • Use as a multimedia diary of what your class has been doing throughout the year. Use student photos and teacher narrates, or switch roles.
  • Post images and descriptive clues about a place and have people guess as to which geographical location you're talking about
  • Insert an image of people from a book, Flickr, etc. and ask students to comment (written and/or oral) on what the characters might be thinking/feeling/saying.
  • Use as a digital portfolio, inserting photo of actual project or student picture. Record reflection/comments, add text, annotations. Can be used for student-led conference. 5th grade example
  • Upload a photo (or cartoon) of a controversial subject and ask students to respond.
  • Upload a piece of good writing and comment on what makes it good. Do the same with a dull piece, suggesting improvements.
  • Invite ESL students to practice verb tenses, responding to teacher prompts and illustrations (i.e. "What happens next?" "What has happened?" "What would you do?" "What is happening?"
  • ESL or foreign language students practice pronunciation of words, based on the image or on teacher audio recording
  • Use as a writing prompt

Seventeen Interesting Ways of using VoiceThread in the Classroom
Voicethread Examples in Education

VoiceThread - Educator Examples and http://voicethread.com/library/2 -Examples of VoiceThreads created by teachers/schools on Ed.VoiceThread
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Tutorials, Resources

VoiceThread How-to - Short video on how to create a VoiceThread and another on how to use the doodle feature.
VoiceThread for Education Wiki - Wiki collecting examples of how educators are using Voicethread in their classroom or for professional development.
How to Make a VoiceThread - Wiki containing how-to directions and examples of VoiceThreads used in education
Silli's VoiceThreadVoiceThread Tutorial for K-12 teachers video tutorial. Fairly comprehensive and covers helpful aspects for K-12 teachers
Digitally Speaking - This wiki created by teacher Bill Ferriter explains everything you need to know to get started -- and has several sample VoiceThreads.
TeachWeb2 Wiki - Contains resources, analysis of strength & ideas, curricular ideas
Teacher Training Videos - series of short video trainings on using VoiceThread, for Teachers
How to moderate comments in order to check before they are posted - useful for selecting the best of many responses or ensuring inappropriate responses are not posted

My Avatar Editor - Create your own avatar for use on the internet - can be exported and saved.

**Fotobabble** - Create and share talking photos

  • Tell us what's going on in the photo
  • Send a message to your parents about what you did today
  • Mother's/Father's Day photo message