Videos in the Classroom

  • Link several videos together with annotations, making a "Choose Your Own Adventure" type movie - example
  • Use to create a "Flipped" classroom, in which students watch videotaped lectures, demos, explanations, etc. and home and engage in discussions, hands-on activities, and assignments at school.
  • Create a Google Form quiz for students to complete while they are watching the video.
  • In one of your centers/group areas in your classroom, have students watch some videos organized together (links, embedded or a YouTube channel).
    • A linked playlist in YouTube can be created, with teacher selecting which videos and in what order they should be played.
  • Incorporate images, flash card images, and videos to make a study video for a test.
  • Students may watch and re-watch videos until they truly understand the concept
  • Those students who are more advanced, may find or watch selected videos that expand on the concept or move them forward.
  • Include a playlist of videos on the topic, enabling users to watch additional or increasingly more difficult videos on a concept. Math Story Problems Playlist example
  • Absent students may watch recorded class discussions. Archived videos my be viewed in following years or by students needing review.


- Tutorial on how to save internet videos to your computer and how to embed videos into your website, wiki, etc.

- Tutorial on how to use Windows Movie Maker to resize a video

Online Video Creation Tools

Animoto - Easily create snazzy videos using your images and even video clips.
Stupeflix - Animoto-like tool; incorporate videos and stills. Upload audio, can have more than one song.
We Video - Collaborative online video creation & editor tool with common editing features and sharing on YouTube and Vimeo.
See blog article //12 Ways to Create Videos without a Camera or Software// for more programs and descriptions
Wideo - Free (beta) online tool for creating animated Common Craft-like videos. Use the included drawings, text options, and cartoons, or upload your own photos. Login required.

Video Sharing Sites

StashSpace - video hosting site that will allow you to privately share videos for free up to 60 days with parents. It’s a fairly easy interface and will allow users to connect camcorders directly to their website for uploading.
Shwup - Free video and photo sharing site. Teacher creates account and sends email invites to parents. Invitees can upload via the site or email.
DropShots - Private photo and video sharing site, up to 500 photos or 2 minutes of video. Registration required for use. - Great sharing site for parents to easily upload photos or condensed videos to teachers for easy access - even from a cell phone.

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Educational Video Sites

- Collection of free sites where you can find educational videos
WatchKnow - Searchable K-12 online videos. Search by category, age level, subject area.
NeoK12 - Massive collection of videos, lesson plans and educational games. All material is screened by teachers, and organized by topic so you can find what you need fast.
Teacher's Domain - Strong science-based videos available for downloading.
100 Useful YouTube Channels for Educators
Using SchoolTube to view YouTube videos - video presentation, useful for those schools where YouTube is blocked
YouTube Teachers Channel - Ideas for teachers on using YouTube in the classroom, plus tools such as school channels and playlists that make YouTube safer & more productive, plus a YouTube Education search for education-related videos

Video Converters

Zamzar - Download video (and files) in a variety of formats. 100MB limit per video for free account
YouConvertit - Converts and downloads videos & a variety of file types. Login account optional.
Movavi - Free online video converter. 100 MB limit. Can merge videos and import multiple videos at a time.
Media Convert - Free online converter of videos, documents, audio, and more. Even includes ringtone option. Direct YouTube conversion no longer available. Up to 200MB limit.
Kiss YouTube Another way of downloading a YouTube video: type kiss in front of the YouTube file URL.
DownloadTube - Quickly and easily download YouTube and other videos direct to your computer, for iPod, PSP, etc.
Vidgod - allows users to strip out and keep the audio portion of a YouTube file and save it as an mp3.

Video Cleaners

A Cleaner YouTube- Browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Allows you to search for and display YouTube videos without any of the "related videos," comments, or display advertising.
ViewPure- Site that strips out everything but the YouTube video. Share the generated link for direct access to the stripped video.

Video Cutting and Remixing

TubeChop - Provides ability to clip a section from any YouTube video and share it.
Splicd - Cutting tool where you paste in the video's URL, then enter the start and end times of the video segment you wish to watch.
Annotate, fast forward, zoom in, slow down, and more with EmbedPlus