Social Bookmarking Tools

Diigo - for educator accounts -
Diigo is a online social bookmarking tool in which users can save bookmarks to their private library or make them public for others to access. Diigo also includes the ability to use a virtual highlighter tool and sticky notes.

Special teacher section, including setting up groups to share bookmarks within your classes. A different handout for setup.
Another nice , that includes sign-up, the Diigo toolbar, creating tag dictionaries, student and group accounts, and resources.
Using Diigo in your Classroom - includes ways teachers and students can use Diigo, links, video resources
Be sure to install the Diigo extension or bookmarklet, for easy bookmarking whether on a computer browser or your iPad, Android device, etc.

Introduction to Diigo

An introduction to Diigo, highlighting its many functions and services

Diigo in the Classroom - A good overview of how to set up Diigo for your classroom, creating lists, and ideas for use

Why use Diigo?
  • Access their bookmarks from any computer or mobile device
  • Ability to annotate website with highlighting or sticky notes (these can be shared with others)
  • Large education community - access their public or group shared bookmarks, along with comments.
  • Share bookmarks on a unit or topic with your class, peers, workshop attendees
  • Great for collaborative projects - share bookmarks, any notations
  • Utilizes user-created tags - more flexible than filing in folders, easier to find later
  • Ability to save bookmarks as public or private
  • How one teacher uses Diigo in her classroom (video interview)

Creating Groups (i.e. class)

Creating and Managing Groups - step by step how to create, administer
Diigo Social Bookmarking Directions for Teachers and Students handouts - more found on Solution Tree
Giving comments and doing discussions through Diigo groups

LiveBinders is a tool that enables users to create virtual 3-ring binders.
  • Inside a binder, you can add websites and upload files related to the topic.
  • Binders can be shared via its web link or embedded into your website, wiki, or blog.

10 Great Ways that Educators Use Livebinders - ideas, tips, examples
Top Ten Livebinders in Education for 2011 - includes iPads in education, digital textbooks by students, webcams, e-learning, art education, and more
  • ePortfolio - include PDF, documents, embed videos, links to sites, your wikis or blogs
  • Websites for student research
  • Create your own WebQuest, including tabs with related websites and docs for each step
  • Gather and post docs and sites related to testing or other school event
  • Collect websites, etc. to read later or those on a particular topic
  • Post and share resources (sites, videos, worksheets, docs) on a subject or topic. Can give editing privileges to others.
  • Post course or unit materials, for teacher or student use.

Tutorial intro for teachers Live binders ideas and tutorials

Solar System exampleScreen_Shot_2011-07-26_at_10.02.50_AM.png

Introduction - LiveBinders for Teachers

Tabs and Subtabs (organizing content)

Adding Websites to LiveBinders while you Browse (LiveBinderIt bookmarklet)

Adding Files (PDF, documents) to your LiveBinder

You can find more video tutorials on LiveBinder's YouTube channel

Embedding items, Tables, Layout, Shelves