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  • Create a KWL chart at the beginning of a research topic, save notes, and go back at the end to add "What I learned"
  • Use the Recording feature to record notes for absent students, kids who need reinforcement, or prepare ahead of time for substitutes. Can also save written notes as PDF and post online.
    • Saved notes can also be shared with grade level teammates as record of what you've done/where you're at
    • Can also create screencast of instructional guides
  • Create an Electronic Word Wall and update regularly. Use the Activity Toolkit to create interactive review activities
  • Use the highlighter tool to emphasize key points
  • Brainstorm ideas on a topic - can then re-organize ideas by placing related items on other slide pages
  • Use graphic organizer to summarize, pre-teach, during note-taking
  • Post procedures, expectations, models or steps for reminders
  • Take virtual tours or show diagrams, maps, routes, images, videos, simulations, 3-d models, math manipulatives
  • Transform your review into something fun by creating a customized Jeopardy game
  • Have students record (USB mic and SmartBoard recording tool) and demonstrate what they have learned
  • Take your screencast (recording of SmartBoard activity) and edit it using MovieMaker/iMovie, then upload to YouTube or your school virtual learning environment for school community (or others') access
  • Import into your computer videos or images taken with your (or your students') mobile phones/iPod Touch/iPads and annotate over the top, using the transparency mode
  • Review vocabulary or sort steps/processes using the free online tool Textivate. Choose between fill in the letters, cloze, separate the words, or sort the phrases.
  • Getting started blog post - helpful tips, resources for different types of interactive whiteboards, sites that have great images and interactive files.

Language arts:

  • Show examples of good or poor writing, analyzing and editing. Write directly over the piece of writing.
  • Drag words to definitions, parts of speech to words in a sentence
  • Sequence activities, time order, or scrambled sentences
  • Brainstorm ideas and organize writing
  • Use the virtual flannel boards of nursery rhymes, etc. found in the SmartBoard Notebook's Gallery
    • Create a screencast of your audio story - record as you move the characters to tell a story and narrate.
  • Use a virtual thesaurus or dictionary
  • SmartBoard in the Language Arts Classroom - ideas, examples, interactive websites - New!

ESL and Languages

  • Attach audio recordings (Audacity is a good free recording tool) to vocabulary words or pictures so students can hear the correct pronunciation
  • Use the Lesson Activity Toolkit to create reinforcement activities such as vocabulary matches, sorting, word/picture matching, etc. Students can create these as part of their review and have classmates do the activity
  • Use the annotation features (highlighter, pen, screen shot) to "mark up" documents within Notebook or on top of any program (i.e. internet, Microsoft Word). Notes can be saved and any annotations preserved with a screen shot.
    • You can also write over videos (SmartBoard includes a Video Player) and pause/review as needed.
    • The spotlight and window shade tools can help focus attention. These are found in the Notebook's toolbar or in the floating toolbar (accessible with any software program).

  • Record steps or your instruction for users to play back later as necessary
  • The "Write" mode of the built-in keyboard has a built-in speech function - hear the word(s) you have written.


  • Use virtual manipulatives found online, in Notebook software, Kidspiration
  • Use timer found in Notebook software for tests or speed drills
  • Use the recording feature, showing each step on how calculations were made. Screencast example using microphone and Notebook's recording tool: Mathademics YouTube and Teach Math Processes that shows the process with Notebook's page recorder and screen recorder tools
  • Graphing using Web 2.0 tools, spreadsheet software.
  • Use the "Infinite Cloner" tool in Notebook software for 0-9 digits so the same digits can be used over and over to complete math problems
  • Math and the SmartBoard - examples, ideas, interactive websites - New!

Social Studies

  • Drag events or dates to a timeline (built in Notebook timeline or Web 2.0 timelines)
  • Fill in blanks by dragging in answers
  • Map study, Google Earth, and other virtual tours
    • Create a screencast, recording a virtual tour with Google Earth or tour of your area using Google Maps/Street View.


  • Virtual experiments
  • Venn diagrams, lists, categorization (Kidspiration = helpful software)
  • Sequencing activities
  • Label diagrams, matching
  • Use the transparency mode to annotate over videos your students have taken of a student kicking a ball at different heights & angles.
  • Use the new math tools to record angles, take measurements, etc.

Training and How-To's

SmartTech SmartBoard Notebook Collaborative Learning Software - tutorials and handouts (files and videos) from the makers of the SmartBoard.
SmartBoard Training Handouts, video tutorials, how-to's on the Notebook software, Ink Aware, SmartBoard basics, troubleshooting.
SmartBoard 800 intro - YouTube Video
Teacher Training - Includes free short video tips on different SmartBoard aspects
Fusion Universal - Over three dozen free short videos, particularly suited to those beginning to use the SmartBoard.
SmartBoard - Getting Started
ZoomIt: Free tool that you can use to zoom into any part of your screen using the arrow keys
38 Interesting Ways (and Tips) on How You Can Use Your Interactive Whiteboard - Great practical ideas and tips Google Docs Presentation
New to Interactive Whiteboards? Help and Advice - Tutorial resource links, websites for finding good images, links to software & guides for both SmartBoard and Promethean
Handwriting RecognitionThis video tutorial demonstrates how to use the handwriting recognition feature of Notebook which converts block or cursive handwriting into text.
- handout on inserting Flash and flash video files, links to websites, attaching PDF and Word files
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- Highlights some of the tools of the SmartBoard and ways you could use it in teaching. Updated
(by Obe Hostetter)
Tutorial for Smart Notebook 10.8

How to use the SmartBoard Recorder to make a screencast - YouTube Video
Five Tips for Using the SmartBoard - Video includes using the Magic Pen, importing PDFs, saving to My Content, and others.

From SmartTech:

Notebook Software

Smart Notebook Flash Activities in the Activity Toolkit 2.0 - gives an example and explanation of each Flash-type activity
Lesson Activity Toolkit (Teaching w/ SmartBoard) - Four podcasts highlighting how to use the Lesson Activity Toolkit for lessons.
SmartExchange Lesson Activity Toolkit- Forum for sharing ideas and questions about the Lesson Activity Toolkit
LAT 1.0 introduction- SmartTech's video introduction on the Lesson Activity Toolkit

- Goes through all the activities you can make within the toolkit, giving examples of each and showing how to use the tools and create activities. New!
- How to insert flash files, flash video, links to websites, document attachments - - Ways to add simple interactivity through reveal techniques (i.e. erase) and various drag & drop labeling. - New!
Notebook basic interactivity - more ways, including magnifying glass, random generator, and click to reveal. New!
InteractiveWhiteboard Basic Skills Checklist - PDF handout list
Making Your IWB Lessons Pop - 1 hr webinar hosted by BrainPop. Great simple ways of adding interactivity. Webinar handout, made by presenter Michael Jones

Simple ways to add interactivity

  • Reveal (hide answer with a colored box on top, moving to reveal answer)
  • Erase & reveal (color over answer with same color as background - then erase to reveal answer).
  • Screen shade reveal - drag screen shade over answer and then move away to uncover answer
  • Drag & drop labels - type words for item to be labeled, use Lesson Activity Toolkit tools such as Checker, or type into a shape. Drag words/shapes onto appropriate part of the object.

Notebook Activities

**SMART Exchange activities- download notebook activities created by other teachers.
SOL K-5 Tech Integration Resources - Sorted by grade level & subject area, find resources (SmartBoard, Kidspiration, etc.) and lessons on common themes
Notebook Activities Custom Search - Use this Custom Google Search bar to find Notebook activities from 120 websites.
SmartTech Notebook Activities Search - SmartTech's custom search tool to find Notebook activities on the internet.
SmartTech Notebook Lessons - Notebook activities from SmartBoard's website. Search by grade level or subject area.
Wichita SmartBoard Lessons - sorted by grade section, foreign language, & music
Yowie Bay Notebook search tool- Custom Notebook search tool spanning several sites
Harvey's Homepage - Interactive SmartBoard lessons for Math
Educating Learners the SmartBoard Way - links to Notebook activities
Kenton Maximizing SmartBoards - Notebook activities K-12 in subject areas, SmartBoard tutorials and handouts
Lee's Summit SmartBoard- Notebook activities, interactive websites, resources for SmartBoard

Game Templates

Stu's Double Jeopardy - free download of software that enables you to make your own Jeopardy quizzes for SmartBoard.
Free Flash Jeopardy Game - play online or download free player.
Jeopardy Game Template - Notebook file
Jeopardy Template - Notebook file
PowerPoint Games Templates - Free downloadable PPT templates for games such as Jeopardy, Weel of Fortune, car race, and more. Includes video tutorials and examples.
Harvey's Teacher Utilities- includes Notebook file game templates for Jeopardy, scorecards, Wheel of Fortune, random numbers, more.
Jeopardy Labs - Free online Jeopardy creation creation tool. Can save and share online. Multiple groups option.

You can find many free activities, timers, class sorters, and scoring tools at Triptico. These resources (download required) run on Macs and PCs and work with any interactive whiteboard. - create Flash games, activities, and diagrams with this free tool. Save or embed into a blog, wiki, etc.