Microsoft Office


Dodging Bullets in Presentations - tips on paring your presentation down to its simplest elements - few/no words and strong images

How to Create an Awesome PowerPoint Presentation - Short video utilizing Obama's speech and how it would have looked in a typical boring, bulleted presentation w/ cheesy clip art.
LearnFree PowerPoint 2007 - Online handout (printable) covering the basics of PowerPoint. Includes videos.

Alternate Ways of Using PowerPoint (or other presentation tools)
  • Scan page from your textbook and annotate over with pen tools (great with SmartBoard)
  • Introduce vocabulary, pairing large images and the target word
  • Create cloze-type sentences/paragraphs

  • Use readable fonts - larger size, basic font, contrasting color from background (i.e. light text on dark background)
  • LIMIT the number of words per slide. PowerPoint is not a teleprompter!
    • Clear (not blurry, pixely)
    • Be sure to resize properly, using corner handles (not squished)
    • Should be purposeful
    • Use copyright-free images and cite resources
  • Be concise (but don't feel like you have to keep all info on one topic on a slide)
  • Carefully choose your headers/titles
  • Spell/grammar check!
  • More Do's and Dont's of Presentations
  • Presentation skills basics & tips and a YouTube video demonstrating how to take a bulleted slide and make it into one point per slide.

Other Presentation Tools


- 4-page handout by Melissa covering basics such as calculations & simple functions, fill-down, creating graphs & charts, and sorting/filtering. Excel 2007 - Online handout (printable) covering the basics and some intermediate. Includes videos.
- 22 page handout on Excel.
- Thorough 26 pg handout on the basic level of Excel. Lots of screenshots.
Spreadsheets in the Classroom - lesson ideas for elementary, MS, HS, tutorials on Excel spreadsheets
Dr. Alice Christie's Using Spreadsheets in the K-12 Classroom - interactive data & ideas, examples, lessons, and downloadable files


LearnFree Word 2007 - Online handout (printable) covering Microsoft Word. Includes videos.
Inserting video into Microsoft Word 2007 - YouTube Video
Google Docs is an excellent alternative - free, online, collaborative
- This page includes a slide show, examples and ideas, and resource links for Google Docs, Presentation, Forms.