Inspiration is a graphic organizer software program designed for users grade 5 and up. Users can create flow-charts, concept maps, comparison diagrams, Venn diagrams and more. With the Rapid Fire tool, ideas can be brainstormed very quickly. Pre-make a notetaking organizer to assist in research. Information can be viewed in the diagram and outline view, with changes in one affecting the other. Finished work can easily be exported into Word and used as a starter for a research paper, etc.
Included in the Inspiration software are many ready-made templates (which can be modified and saved) useful for subject areas. You can also see some diagram examples on Inspiration's website. More examples and templates can be found here.
external image i-diagram-to-outline.gif



Atomic Learning has some video tutorials on Inspiration (subscription required)
Inspiration 7 Quickstart - step-by-step of the basics
- Comprehensive tutorial by Inspiration (42 pages)
- Quick two-page guide
- highlights the menu bar and formatting buttons functions

A video on using concept maps to assess student understanding of material
Inspiration's introductory video for version 9
Introduction to Inspiration videos - part one, part two, part three
Intro to Inspiration video - includes creating and linking bubbles, hyperlinks, adding notes
50 Uses for Kidspiration and Inspiration in the Classroom

Online Graphic Organizers

Gliffy - free diagramming software to make visual diagrams, flowcharts, technical drawings, and more - free simple online graphic organizer. Registration required to save
Creately - free online graphic organizer with a few more options. Registration required.