Glogster is a free Web 2.0 site in which you can create a poster on steroids. Not only can you add text and images, you can also add video, hyperlinks, audio, and more. Of course you also have the ability to change fonts, colors, backgrounds, add frames, etc. You can post your finished glog to your wiki, blog, or even download. The glog can be designated as private or can be designated for public viewing. There is also a commenting feature.

Get a free educational account at - no ads, separate from commercial site, ability to include VoiceThread

#1: Glogster Overview - What is and why would I use it with students? Here's a quick overview of the free and premium versions.

#2: Starting a new Glog - Starting a Glog project and working with preset libraries of images and text blocks. Scaling, rotating, and removing.

#3: Using Images, Video, and Sound Clips

#4: Adding video, linking Glogs, creating text blocks and adding URLs, previewing and publishing your Glog

Glogster Training by Teacher Training Videos - thorough step by step videos of the different aspects
Glogster EDU - another Introduction

Glogster Tutorial - Basic set up and use, including how to set up an EDU account and students.
- How to create classes, manage student accounts, create and share student glogs with the EDU Glogster subscription. New!
- Concise handout on how to set up EDU accounts, tips, and sharing.

Glogster Instructions EDU (Revised) - Another handout for setup, use, and setting up EDU accounts. Intro to the different parts of a Glogs, setting up edu accounts
Paperless Poster - Ideas, examples, resources, and intro on Glogster
Glog On! - Intro to glogs, examples in education, setting up
How-to Guide, how to embed Animoto, VoiceThreads, Blabberize, and other tools within your Glog
Glogster's Excel file to set up student accounts. Note: Macros must be enabled in Excel.

  • Students make multimedia poster presentations showcasing their best work - great for student-led parent conferences.
  • Creative reflections on literary topics
  • Use as topic review, center activity, or WebQuest type assignment
  • Presentation tool - alternative to PowerPoint See article on the topic
    • Teachers could create a series of "pages" to introduce a projector topic
      • Could be use by students for review or for those absent
    • Present Book reports, research papers, historical period or figure, science concept/activity
    • Create a glog on a historical/famous figure - can even embed videos/audio of speeches they've given, links to books or articles written, etc.
    • Travel poster on a country you are studying. Greetings from the World has many examples
    • Action/informative poster about an issue of concern (i.e. water rights, global warming, endangered animals)
    • Photo walk poster, in which students take photos of examples of the concept (i.e. geometric shapes, simple machines), display and label them
  • Advertisement/persuasive poster
  • Create a glog incorporating the vocabularyin focus.
    • Foreign language: illustrate foods from that country. Can even embed videos of someone preparing the food, recipes

  • You can export individual PowerPoint slides as jpeg images and import them into Glogster

Rubrics and Resources

Find additional ideas, resources, and reflections on the tool on this wiki and Edunology wiki
- pdf includes , lesson ideas, links to multimedia resources
Glogster Project rubric - uses Glogster for rubric posting
iRubric Glogster- made for 6-8 music, but is fairly general

Student Example: Chinese immigration to the USA
Student example: 8th grade chapter summary American History
Artemis Fowl book review
Pablo Picasso Mystery - Webquest-type example with links, videos, and daily dictations, and writing prompts
Elvis Presley - use of audio and video
Endothia Parasitica Wanted Poster - Aesthetically beautifully done glog on an invasive plant species in a Wanted Poster format
Aphrodite Wanted Poster - Greek goddess example w/ relevant themes
Indus Valley Civilization
Immigration Comparison - ESL Geography glogs comparing immigrants to the USA from two different countries