ESL & Languages

**Lingt** Create homework where students can practice listening comprehension and pronunciation by recording their own voices - or practice dictation. Can incorporate multimedia, archive assignments & student responses. Free signup required.
ESL Video - create online multiple choice exercises with a video you ́ve selected from Youtube. Your quiz is hosted at ESLvideo and can be published online by using the embed code. Can also explore a bank of activities created by other teachers organized by levels.
Listen and Write - Listen to various texts and do dictations, or record yourself and make a dictation
Have text read back to students from web pages using Google Chrome's SpeakIt! extension

Voki - Create personalized speaking avatars that can be embedded into your blogs, wikis, etc.
  • Type in a greeting or conversation and ask the students to listen, then answer questions.
  • Students listen to the Voki character speak what they have just entered. This can be a good method for students to hear problems in grammar, spelling, or punctuation, revising until it sounds correct.
  • See Engaging Students with Voki
  • Have the character "speak" your message recorded with a microphone. Focus on pronunciation, clarity, etc. //HS Spanish example//:
  • Adding a Voiki to your blog instructions

Create a multimedia Glogster poster (can even include video/audio recordings) in the target language of a selected topic. High School Spanish examples

Mrs. Hurley has some great ESL resources including interactive whiteboard sites/Notebook files.
SmartBoard: Closing the Achievement Gap for ESL learners webinar