Audio Master YouTube tutorial videos on Audacity
Mastering Audacity in Simple Steps - Useful screencasts of tips and techniques of using Audacity to create mp3 audio files
QuickToots Audacity Tutorial - Step-by-step tutorial with screenshots
Audacity Training Zone - Series of seven 3-4 minute videos going through the steps of using Audacity - setup, recording, editing, adding music, and exporting
YouTube tutorial video on Audacity- to improve fluency, speed, and intonation

Workshop Training

Katie Christo's Audio in Education workshop
Twenty Interesting Ways to use Audio in Education - Slideshow of ideas contributed by teachers

Public Domain Sounds Resources

Links from

__MusOpen__ offers free mp3 files of classical instrumental and vocal music. Definitely bookmark this one. Supporting units: music, composers, history, and background sounds for multimedia projects
__PublicDomain4U__ is full of vintage recordings. Supporting units: jazz, blues, country, folk songs, World War I
__Sound Jay__ has become very popular in our district this spring for our video and podcast projects. With a well designed layout and excellent choices of sound and music, you can’t go wrong. Supporting Units: weather, business, FACS, and backgrounds for podcast projects
__Soungle__ has an amazing amount of sound effects for student projects. These save as .wav files, which work great in most audio and video softwares such as Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, Audacity, and Garage Band. Supporting units: weather, emotions, dance, animals, water, and special effect sounds for podcasts.

Digital Resources - covers some sites where you can find Creative Commons licensed images and audio.
Use Vidgod to convert any YouTube video into an mp3 file. Great for getting the audio portion of a speech