Artsonia - free site in which schools can upload and share student artwork, viewable to the world. Includes ability for others to comment, student (artist) to write an artist statement, and others to purchase products with student artwork on them. Also has a free app for iPad/phone to photograph and upload student artwork.

Art History

Create a Fakebook page on an artist or period in art history.
Take virtual tours of dozens of art museums using the Google Art Project. Tour around the museums, view select images in great detail, and save images to your gallery.
Tour the Sistine Chapelin a virtual 360° tour as well as several other virtual tours of five other places and exhibits at the Vatican Museum.
Khan Academy's SmartHistory - search high-quality images by artist, style, theme, or time period.



Free photo editing/painting, manipulation program. Learn more about its features, read its manual, and check out its FAQs.

external image jellyCAM_icon.pngJellyCam

Free, simple stop-motion animation software - great for claymation. Can get photos from web cam, built-in camera, or import from your computer.
20 ways of using stop motion animation in the classroom - blog post

SketchStar- Free tool from MiniClip- create draw animations from scratch or use pre-made shapes and characters. Students build their animations frame by frame. Each frame appears in a timeline that can be altered by dragging and dropping the frames into different sequences. The length of time that each frame is displayed can be adjusted too. Completed projects can be saved online (login required).
Sketchlot - Free online painting tool that works on any device including mobile. Create a sketch, share it with students. They can mark up their own and send it back. No student login needed.


Use Infuse Learning (free) to create questions, prompts or quizzes, and students can respond in T/F, multiple choice, written answer, and even drawings. Works on any web-enabled device including iPads/phones.

iPad Apps

See reviewed apps for art on AppoLearning
Create stop motion animation on iPad with OSnap! app. Cost: $2.99.

-Learn more about how to use the iPads in art, by art teacher Tricia Fuglestad - Creating on iPads.
iPads in the Art Room - great collection of iPad apps for art, with examples of many of the apps
Brushes - Intuitive painting app with ability to record all your painting steps. Free version is more basic, but paid ($2.99) includes multiple layers capability
ProCreate - Painting app with more realistic painting tools. Ability to save to Dropbox. $4.99
Sketchbook Express - Free alternative to Brushes app, plus ability to add text. Pro version $4.99 - has more brush and tool options.
Creating on iPads using the free Sketchbook Express App - video presentation by Tricia Fuglestead

Easily remove the background from an image (similar to an instant alpha on the computer), using the $0.99 app Superimpose, either for use within the app or for export. See example ideas
Drawing with Carl - Fun painting app for kids. Includes simple painting tools, pattern paint bucket, make your own talking monsters. $.99