Animoto is a free web 2.0 site that enables you to create impressive slide shows (complete with fancy effects), with the program doing almost all of the work! The free educator account allows for longer videos. Completed projects can then be emailed, shared online,etc.
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How to Use Animoto - 5-minute video on how to create and share an Animoto video. Also includes an example.
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BASD Animoto - How to's, examples, resources

Ideas for the Classroom

  • Quick & easy showcasing of field trip, end of year show, other special events
  • Create a film to show the meaning/theme behind a poem or story
  • Promotion of your school or program
  • Story in pictures
  • Create video to introduce vocabulary/concepts being covered, utilizing photos and brief text
  • Build a video about where you live (home, home country, current country)
  • Recap of concepts learned
  • Prompt for writing activity
  • Presentation to inform, persuade (i.e. community area of concern)