GoAnimate is a free online tool in which users can create their own animations using included characters, complete with action, audio (text-to-speech or recorded), uploaded video, speech balloons, etc.
Its free GoAnimate for Schools includes additional features such as class management, a private secure environment, character creator (including historical and famous figures), and social networking in a controlled environment. A Gallery includes (public) animations created by other schools. Domo Animate is a safe environment by GoAnimate where students can create and share.


  • Illustrate/demonstrate concepts (i.e. magnetism, gravity, simple machines, water cycle)
  • Use in place of a traditional book reportask_questions_french.png
  • Create your own "BrainPop" video

Teachweb2 - analyzes usefulness of tool, ideas, examples helpful links

Xtranormal dialogue

Free (or fee for more features) movie-creating site that allows users to pick a scene, type a script, add sounds & actions, and publish their work
  • Teach geography (or other concepts) by having characters define or describe words
  • Practice writing dialogue and other story elements. Also includes change of camera angles, expressions, etc.
  • Jointly create sequence incorporating words/concepts covered that day.
  • Have one explain to the other what they learned or found out
    • Scientific concept
    • Process
    • Experiment - example of discussing results of a yeast experiment
    • Main points of a debate
  • Teacher examples: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umEICvIEVxE

Comic Creators

Make Believe Comix - Simple format, choice of characters (with several emotions), props, dialogue bubble types. Can type in foreign languages. Email or print finished (B&W) comic.makebelieve.png
Super-simple tool to create comic strips without requiring any registration. Choose your characters (people, animals, props & aliens), background, and then add the dialogue. Ability to add multiple scenes.
Chogger - Free comic strip with editing tools. Draw own pictures (or from webcam) or use existing ones you upload. Includes special effects. Can customize each frame. 3-12+ frames.